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AND searching with related portal records

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Hey guys

I know its pretty difficult to explain stuff like this in a forum post and i'm not sure my topic title is the best use of words, however i will give it a shot...

I have a table of job candidates with a portal record set of skills for each.

i.e Joe Bloggs has a related records in the table 'skills' with the following entries 'sales' and 'audit'.

Now searching is where im getting confused. When i switch to search mode i can obviously search within the portal, and i can create new requests in order to have or searches based on multiple skill options. I.e I can find someone who has 'sales' skills OR 'audit' skills.

However, I can't work out how to have AND searched for skills. I.e i need to find someone who has 'sales' skills AND 'audit' skills. So basically i need to search for someone who has multiple related records matching my search.

does that make sence? I hope so ! smile.gif

I have attached an image of the database in browse mode. This shows Joe Bloggs record with his two skill entries in the portal record at the bottom. So as you can i see i need to come up with a solution to search for candidates with skill 'a' and skill 'b' along with the ability to search for candidates with skill 'a' or skill 'b'

HELP! smile.gif

Many thanks in advance




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Skill is more of an attribute than an entity. If you make skill a checkbox field you will be able to AND the skills.

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I understand where you are coming from, however as you will see on the screen grab there are other attributes that are attached to the skill, therefore i can only think they must be related records.

ive found this thread...


so this could possibly be a solution but i think it going to be a nightmare with the number of fields in the portal records.

I really want to be able to make the user able to build a search by entering a value in one of the portal fields then selecting 'and' / 'or' from a drop down and entering a value in another (or same) field. i.e building a search row by row.



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