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Scripted Print Setup in FMP7 with Windows XP

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I have seen several posts on this topic but none that really resolve the problem.

Using FMP7 (v3) under Windows XP I am unable to select a printer via 'Print Setup' or 'Print' script steps.

I have tried various plug-ins that elude to resolve this problem and have even written an application that switches the System Default Printer on the fly (via a SEND statement). Alas, nothing seems to work in a solid way and I still find my Databases cannot reliably print to one printer (such as a networked laser) and then switch to a PDF printer for example.

I have tried breaking this down in to seperate scripts to keep each Print config apart but this also fails.

Filemaker.com has an article that reads : -


When performing a script that contains the Print Setup and Print script steps, the printout goes to the wrong printer or does not print at all.


A script that contains the steps Print Setup and Print, with the option of Perform without dialog selected, prints to the operating system's default printer regardless of the actual printer selected in either script step.


Removing the checkmark from the option; Perform without dialog in the Print Setup script step should correct for this issue and send the printout to the selected printer.

FileMaker, Inc. has confirmed this issue with the FileMaker Products listed.

Not very useful.... Has anyone found a workaround for this or been given an ETA for a fix from FileMaker?


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No work around, but am working on it. What Filemaker writes is incorrect. It goes to the last printer you chose.

I have two printer I can get them to work indivually, but not one after the other.

How disappointing

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I have had limited success with testing for what printer when i start

my application...

In a start-up script I set a global to Get(PrinterName) & before i print

anything I test Get(printerName) against my global to see if

a user minimised my app and printed an excel sheet with another printer

for example. If there is a match i run a print WITHOUT dialog script,

if not the same printer then i run a step that has print WITH dialog.

It's not perfect....but it has solved some issues for me.


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I have started using FM Printer Select Plugin by FMWebschool to resolve this problem. To its credit, it does what it says on the can and allows me to change Printers effectively in FileMaker 7 on Windows XP.

BUT - It costs money and I am therefore reluctant to role out an application which requires each client to have a copy of the plug-in.

Windows XP is not an insignifcant platform. Filemaker are remiss in ignoring this major problem and need to fix it in v4 quickly.


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