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Matching Fields for import

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I am trying to import some data returned in XML format from QuickBooks qbXML. I have no trouble getting the data from the rows to import, but I really need to match up a bit of data as an identifier. The data is contained in the attributes line in the "InvoiceAddRs requestID="xxxxxxx"..." where the xx's represent the number.

Can someone tell me how to extract that item to use for a matching records import?

Attached is the actual return.

I am building this aspart of an FMP6 application Thanks


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You may get more response from the "Importing/Exporting" forum. This is more Online XML/XSL browser-based applications oriented.

All the best.


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ok. But I don't dare double post.

For what it is worth, I have found that extracting the attribute needed is accomplished by using the correct xpath syntax. In this case getting the right location syntax for getting up the tree to the right node then using @requestID or attribute::requestID will do the trick. Took me some time but found the answer.

For those using XML for more than import, this would be useful when an attribute might carry an ID of some sort and the user could filter the results by that data.

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