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Layout only showing records from a found set (?)

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I'll start off with what I'm trying to accomplish (I hope this comes out clearly, it's getting late...):

I have a table of lakes, with about 100 fields. Typically, there will be about 3000 lakes in the table. We're going to make maps of some of the lakes, and the research crew will be qualifying each lake individually, and will put a '1' in the "Include" field (not quite that simple, but something like that) for each lake that we decide to map. Now, the cartographers absolutely shouldn't see or be able to modify the records for any lakes that don't have a 1 in the Include field. The cartographers will have their own layout to make changes to the map status fields that they need, which will hopefully only show the lakes that have a 1 in the Include field. I know I could just tell them to do a simple search to filter the records they can see to only those with a 1, but I would like to make this as idiot-proof as possible. It needs to be, believe me.

I've tried a couple of things, but I really don't have a lot of time on my hands and I need to get this database up and running as soon as possible (just like everyone else here, undoubtedly). It seems like this should be pretty easy... It seems like self-joining relationships are the way to go, but I'm having trouble. I tried creating a self-join relationship from the Include field to a global field containing 1's, with unique LakeID relating to itself. If I create a layout based on this table occurrence, it shows all the lakes, but only the records that have a 1 in Include are editable.

I have several projects going right now, and I'm in enough of a crunch to feel like I can't afford to spend time playing with around with Filemaker to figure this out. I hit this speedbump a couple weeks ago, and I haven't touched Filemaker until tonight, just because of that. The pressure's on again to get this thing done... So here I am, at 2:30am asking you to give up your time to benefit me. Hopefully someday in the future when our roles are reversed I can return the favor.

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Well, shouldn't be to hard...

The self-joining relationship is a good idea.

"Include field" linked to "global field" with value one, I think that's enough.

Create the layout, base it on the second table as you have done.

Have you remembered that the lake fields on the layout should be from the first table, otherwise you don't use the relationship.

....was this what you had forgotten?

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Just restrict them to records which have the include field equal to 1. In a custom privilege set, specify Records can be viewed when include_field = 1.

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