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Could anyone tell me if it's possible to copy data from one field to another? At the moment i'm using three tables:

The first one, named AuditDetail, contains the following fields:

ADid, Categorie, AuditAspect, AuditWaardering1, Auditwaardering2, Auditwaardering3.

AuditDetail is linked to TraineGesprekken, containing the following fields:

TRAid, TRid, ADid.

The last table, linked to TraineeGesprekken, named TraineeGesprekkenDetail contains the following fields:

TRAid, Categorie, AuditAspect, TraineeWaarderingDet.

My problem is that I can't find a way to copy the data from the Categorie and AuditAspect fields from AuditDetail to Categorie en AuditAspect from TraineeGesprekkenDetail.

Is this possible by making a script, or in an other way?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Auditiaan

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You could use:

Set field (TraineeGesprekkenDetail::auditaspect ;


If you use the script command copy your are limited, because you have to place the fields you want to copy and paste from on your layouts.

Why do you wan't to copy the data, could be a lot easier to use a relationship instead.....

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You don't need GetField for this; Set Field is sufficient.

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