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http links breaking


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I'm sending automated emails containing an http link. (See below for specs on what I'm using.) In the sent mail message on the originating server the link is intact on one line. The received email appears to break the link in the same position every time. The receiving platform or application doesn't appear to matter, they're always broken.

Below is how it appears received: confirmation.htm&ProjectsRecordID=38&-Find

So is there a character count where automatically a return in entered?

I'm not sure to look at the sender or receiver of the email to get this resolved. When intact the link does work. To do that the receiver has to forward the mail, removing the return prior to sending to themselves.

Server Specs:

Mac OS X

FM 5.5

AppleScripting to automate sending of the email

OS Mail app is sending them out.

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Howdy, m! I think I've sent URLs as long or longer than yours without problem so I don't think it's a character count limit, but you can test that easily enough by adding some hard-coded dummy URLs of various sizes for testing. I would suggest looking at how the URL is constructed or how it appears on the layout. Maybe your viewable field length on the layout is doing something unexpected? Maybe someone entered a return character in a field after entering some data (happens all the time) but it's not visible in the layout? Are you constructing the URL in a calc field first?

MacOS9 and MacOSX Eudora

FM5, 5.5, 6


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Hiya back Steve. I appreciate your time in responding. I have tested out other URLs for the heck of it with the same result. ie: broken after approx same number of characters. The URL is being constructed in a calculation and does work when it's not broken. I've tried various versions and I'm pretty sure it is the character count and not some obscure invisible character. What I've found so far is that by sending the email containing the link as "plain text" (rather than Rich Text as these are the only two options in the OS X "Mail" app) the link will appear intact if the receiving client is the "Mail" app on OS X. (The sending app is "Mail" of OS X.) Given I don't have control over what the OS the receiver application will be this is still an issue for me. I've also been told there are prefs for character limits on most mail apps on PCs which is set for breaking lines after so many characters. If that's the case I guess I'm kinda hooped as I can't control the end user/receiver. (This notification is for a group of 60 some odd stores.)

I've looked at using smaller URLs produced by certain sites such as www.tinyurl.com but it appears that it would have to be linked to static url. As you can see in my link I'm performing an action in a fm db to find the specific record this email enclosing the link would be specific too.

What about sending a formated html email with the link "hidden" behind a "Click Here" button? I get junk mail like this all the time. Is it possible to send such an email from OS X Mail?


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This topic is 6634 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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