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Server 7 Under Windows 2000 Pro


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I have installed FMP 7 server on a Dell GX 110 (Pentium III processor, 500 Meg Ram) running Win 2000 Pro and it serves files. However, it will not let me configure the server software either locally or remotely. I can not seem to connect to the server.

Is there some sort of

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First I will say that I have not tried this configuration, but I think that you should be aware of ports and port forwarding.

With your setup I might want to look at other configurations.

First of all is it the same soloution, that is used on all locations ? if yes, I would install 1 or maybe 2 powerfull servers at a central location. If you have less than 30-50 soloutions (files) (remember 1 file can have multiply tables) I would allso make this setup so that you have a central hosting facility. If you have more than 250 concurrent users you'd might consider making the soloutions as web served with server advanced.

Finally, if speed is an issue whithin theese locations, i would consider having 1-2 powerfull servers with FMS and a Citrix server connected to the FMS servers.

I guess this last consideration would be much more economical than installing 100-200 FMS.

;-) Claus

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I have the developer version of FM Server 7 running on Win2000 Pro. Make sure that you are running Win2000 SP4 and that you have installed the FM Server 7v2 updater. I have no problems connecting to the server either locally or remotely.

Hope this helps,


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This topic is 6633 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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