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FileMaker Server Admin Help (embarrassing questio)


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Hi! This is a very embarrassing question. I'm about to install Web publishing services for FileMaker server 7 Advanced. Everywhere in the documentation FileMaker is referring to something called "FileMaker Server Admin Help" that describes several steps in the installation procedure. But what and where is the "FileMaker Server Admin Help"? I can't even find it!

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Ok, here is the situation. When going through the documentation of FileMaker Server to install "Web Publishing services" you encounter the "FMS Admin Guide". There it states: "For information about installing and configuring the Web Publishing Engine, see the FileMaker Server Advanced Web Publishing Installation Guide." When you read the "Web Publishing Installation Guide" it states: "For information on how to register the Web Publishing Engine in FileMaker Server, see FileMaker Server Admin Help." (?!!) So my question is what is "FileMaker Server Admin Help"? I thought it was something on the computer? Or? Best regards /Snooze

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try to use the help command within the FMS admin application. (Works on mac)

Anyway, if you look in the forum of FMS advanced or FM web... there are fine suggestions and solutions.

I had myself a bit of trouble, when I should set up this....


1) install the 2. CD (advanced)

2) enter the Advanced options serial no. in the FMS Admin

3) choose configure->client in FMS Admin

4) enable web sessions

5) Add a web engine and enter an identifier and passcode of your choice (write it down)

6) Start the web server e.g. Apache (refer to your windows doc)

7) Make sure you have a fixed IP address on your server

8) enter on your server in the webbrowser

9) enter the identifier/passcode you wrote down

10) configure the FM Web engine.

;-) Claus

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the FM documentations are incredibly horrible. as far as I know all the documentations are enclosed in the CDs. however you can always go the filmmaker web site and retrieve them that way too.

i'm a newbie myself but by coming to this forum and reading and posting my own questions, i have made some accomplishments.

good luck,


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This topic is 6634 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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