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HTTP request header needs 4 CR's?


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So I've been asked to install filemaker on a server for the folks at work. Haven't used the program before this week, but it seems to have installed okay. Unti I try and fetch the http://server:port/FMPro?config page, or indeed any other page from that server. Then the browser times out.

Investigating why this might be, I telnet to the port and try to fetch the page manually:

GET /FMPro?config HTTP/1.0

I type, and then hit return twice as expected. Sure enough, nothing. So I hit return another couple of times in frustration and THEN the page comes back. Very odd. Every time it requires THREE empty lines before it responds instead of the expected one.

Looks to me like the code must be expecting a windows CR/LF or something along those lines rather than the apple/unix End-of-lines that I'm sending. Maybe. But I mean this is Java, so it shouldn't be caring about this kinda thing.

I'd start looking over the source to figure out why, only I can't get the source of course.

Anyone had any similar problems? Was there anything that could be done?

Maybe a few folks can test it here http://zygzag.ultralab.net:81/FMPro?config and let me know if you have the same problem?

I'm stumped.

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I haven't worked with telnet for years, but you'll need to enter the correct address.

First of all, will the clients access the FM databases through a FM client ? If yes, they shall use the open remote command within Filemaker.

From a webbrowser = Instant Web Publishing

You need FM Server Advanced in order to publish the Databases on the web.

First of all you'll need to get that installed, entering the Advanced serial no., and then you'll need to confiure the web engine from a webbrowser using this address:

http://(servername or ip)/fmi/admin

The users can access the web published databases (Instant Web Publishing) using this address:

http://(servername or ip)/fmi/iwp

;-) Claus

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This topic is 6629 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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