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Understanding FM7 Sever?


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Can anyone tell me if I need FM7 Sever yet?


I have a Custom Data base that runs off of a super fast machine. Really a Sever in it self... you know raid 2gig ram and 3.6mhz pent 4. I have three users including myself. (two of them remote by way of Filemaker Network). I run into trouble sometimes when the other users are in a file and in a field... so I can not change it until they leave.

I am using FM7 right now alone with the rest of them. If I go to FM7 Sever will I be able to work off if the machine like I am now? or do I need to put it on another machine and tie into it like they do?

Any one help me?


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Are you asking if you can have FM SErver 7 & FMP Client installed on the same machine? If yes, I was told by FM Tech Support that it is not recommended to have both of these machines on the same machine.

Fm Server 7 is nice because you can work on field definitions while users are still accessing the database. Whether that alone justifies spending several thousand dollars, I don't know. There are other advantages to have server but with only 3 users, I don't know if you really need it.



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FileMaker and FM Server will run on the same box, but you cannot access server hosted files on the same box - you will get IP and access errors - and - other users will get errors too. It may work, but it is a recipe for disaster and corrupted files.

FM server needs to be on a dedicated box, not used for anything else.

You cannot use FM server as a client - the server runs as a service - without the server admin tool, you see nothing.

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Just to emphasize DykstrL's point:

Only use the FM Server box for FM Server. Don't use it for FM Pro at the same time; doing this WILL trash your files.


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This topic is 6637 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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