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Multiple value lists, related thru previous list


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I've been reading several of your posts (for the last few days), and I'm not sure if I'm on the right track or not?

I have 2 databases. One for storing all the data for products, and a second which will deal with enquiries, quotations etc. All of the products have a unique part no (ID), but these are assemblied into a finished product.

What I trying to do is to in the equiry form, I want to select a size from a pop-up menu (easy straight forward value list), the next field will be another pop-up list only showing the main component of the selected size (relationship between enquiry and products thru size, value list based on product table related thru enquiry form) this works, and it works for second component and third component but only based on size. What i need to do is reduce the selection available for component 2 based on the main component (which will already be based on the size), then component 3 will need to be based on component 2.

In the product database, I've created some additonal fields. I can select if the part is a main component, 2nd component or 3rd component, the part no is copied into a field for each of the above. This way I can look up just main components etc.

If you're still reading this, and you can follow what I need to do, then please forward any suggestions.

thanking you in advance,


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This topic is 6617 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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