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Relationships based on calculated values


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I'm trying to create a many to many relationship with keys that are calculated values.

I have a table that contains a fair number of fields that includes things like times, dates, and ID numbers. I need to define fields that will keep a summary of things like the total of a specific record in a given month and year.

So my relationship is set up like this.


Table_Instance_1 Table_Instance_2

YearOfDate = YearOfDate

MonthOfDate = MonthOfDate


The YearOfDate and MonthOfDate fields are calculations based on the date of another field.

YearOfDate is defined as year(job_date)

MonthOfDate is defines as month(job_date)

What I need to do is define a field so that it will automatically total the values in another field for an entire month.

If I create a definition like this "sum(Relationship_1::Field)" even though the field in question has a lot of data in it, there is nothing totalled by the field.

Do relationships based on calculations just not work?

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Put the sum field in the table for the records you're summing. Then display this field in a layout for the summary table. If the two tables are properly linked, you'll get the answer your seeking.

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This topic is 6621 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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