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Portal design question for data entry


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I have a portal set up in a first file to create records in a second file with a relationship where: "When deleting a record in this file, also delete related records" is left unchecked.

I have also scripted where a third file will receive the data of the second file in portal with data appearing like that of the portal of the first file.

However, if I use a script to clear or cut the fields of the portal, the related records of the second and third file get its corresponding data "cleared" or "cut" too.

I would like to use the portal of the first file over and over (without relying on creating a new record in the first file, if possible).

One idea was to duplicate the layout for data entry a number of times with corresponding fields in the second file and rewrite the relationship for the third -- seems belabored ....

Is there another way or script whereby I can clear the portal entries of the first file without removing the data from the related data in the second file and third file?

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Hi Merka,

It seems that you want to use the first file for data entry only through a portal? You could think of creating two portals with one new relationship "new":

- 1 for data entry (with the relationship "new")

- 2 to keep your data.

I would create a field for instance "status". When clearing the entry in first portal (through a button) you could clear the value "new" and change the value into "old" which places this record in the second portal using the relationship you already have (add the relationship status=status). If you combine a button with a script (set field status "old") this could do it.

I added an example file. Good luck


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That's very cool -- thanks:) Really amazingly clever.

In the previous design I created a new record script in the first file that among other things auto-entered a new record number that was assigned to the portal records. This way data entered at one time could be grouped accordingly.

I am not sure how to accomplish the same thing in this great new design,

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I would like to take on your solution for learning in FM 7 -- I haven't really explored it very much and I thought if I had your example/solution in a FM7 version, it would do a lot to get me started.

Can you help out there? I can see by the number of downloads that its cool what you provided -- thanks:)

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This topic is 6553 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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