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scripts/calculations for containers question

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Hi all.

I've been reading posts all day and although I have solved a couple of problems I was having, I can't quite get my head round the final hurdle in a databse I'm making. I'm fairly new to all this database/FMP stuff so your patience is much appreciated!

I currently have the fields in my table populated by importing tabbed data out of another piece of software (video editing), one of these fields is a

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This depends on how your external file is arranged. If each line (name, jpeg) will go into a new record, then you should be able simple to use Import Records and specify file to use and import order. You could copy your external file to the same file each time, so the script wouldn't have to be changed. Your FM file will just have the two fields: a text field for the jpeg name and a container field for the jpeg itself.

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Sorry, I didn't specify the way my external file is arranged:

The file is coming out of a video editing application (Avid if you know it...) and is an entire bin which has a list of multiple clips and associated information. Eg: a bin may have 30 clips in all named differently with other information such as which tape the clip came from, which hard drive it was saved to, how long it was etc. all of which can be exported from Avid with couple of mouse clicks. You can then export a jpeg of each of these 30 clips with another couple of clicks. For even a short project in Avid, you could end up with hundreds of clips and jpegs.

In short, I was trying to get a way of pulling everything in to FMP without having to import one at a time.

I can attach an example if you would like to take a look...



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This topic is 6623 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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