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FMServer 7 Databases not accessable via FMClient


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I need help getting some databases that are on my FMServer to be available to my FMClients. Here is the scenerio:

I placed two new databases in the Data directory of FMServer 7. I set the permissions as follows for the two files:

owner: fmserver


Both owner and group have read/write access to the files.

I then went to the Server admin and opend the databases - which in turn, changed the files status to "Normal".

When I try to connect to the files remotely from FMClient, the files do not appear in the list of serverd files but other files do appear. If I try to manually type the name of the file I want to connect to, I get a "database could not be opened - not found" error. I have restarted the server and stoped/started the files via the Filemaker Server admin, and the new files do the same thing - I cant connect to the newer databases from a Client.

Anyone have any idea what is going on? Is there a configuration file I can blow away and reconfigure the server settings fresh?

Here are the systems I am using

FMServer 7.0v2 on OS X Server 10.3.6.

FMDeveloper 7 as one client on Mac OS X 10.3.8

FMPro 7 as another client on Mac OS X 10.3.6

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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A couple possible issues:

1. Files should be stored in the Data->Databases directory. (Unless you have set another location in the server configuration.)

2. The sharing options may not be enabled within the new files.

3. The sharing options may specify the files are only visible to those with access to the files, and your account does not have access to the files.

My guess is #2.

You can also take a look in the Event.log file to see if there is any helpful message about why the file isn't available.

You shouldn't need to clear your configuration files, but if you do, they are stored in Library->FileMaker Server. If you remove this stuff, you'll need to reinstall Server 7 from CD and run the update again.

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This topic is 6613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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