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Hi there,

Total newbie here. Will probably be asking more than answering on this Forum section smile.gif

A general question as a start.

How exactly FileMaker can interact with PHP based Intranet and Internet Sites ?

- uploading documents (mainly pdfs from printed FM reports) to the Intranet.

- synchronization of a PHP db

Can these tasks be automated from FileMaker 7 ? Is FileMaker able to generate PHP requests ? At least is it possible to fill a "form" directly from FileMaker ?


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You may want to check out FX.php. There are two great places to learn more about FX.php www.iviking.org Chris Hansen's site. He create a PHP class that works with FileMaker Pro 5-7, or www.fxforge.net FX.php software that writes PHP code for you.

FX.php is PHP class that interprets the XML output from FileMaker and allows access through a set of pre-defined functions. Once the PHP is processed it generates HTML to the users browser.

Yes, you can upload images, PDF's basically just about any type of file with PHP. There is also a PHP class that works specifically with PDF's.

In Kindness

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Ok thanks,

Let me tell you more then about my specific needs, as I feel the above, if useful, doesn't really meet what I had in mind.

The solution I'm currently developing is a fully customized Project Management solution, involving numerous projects, partners, participants, documents and events, for a European Sponsored Program.

It is a complete rewrite of an old FileMaker 4 solution they've been using for the daily follow up of each project, but that obviously now appears to be limited.

For now 2 years, they've been deploying an Intranet solution so that participants could exchange documents, reports and data within each project, as well as a Web site for the communication side of the Program.

This site is hosted elsewhere and uses MySqL/PHP. Users of the Intranet are given privileges so that one document should be visible from one and not another according to the Project and the person's function.

Though we'd be using FileMaker 7, management has decided that the FileMaker solution wouldn't be, in any way, visible from the outside, so the Internet and Intranet will remain separated from the served FileMaker.

As the new version will act as a document archiver as well as a Project Manager tool, and as each document uploaded to either the WebSite or Intranet should be controlled by the Program Office, I've been asked to find out solutions that would allow to B)

1) have that Form they use for the upload on the Intranet already filled( with document Name, document Path on "our" server, date, privilege set for the document), or if possible and preferably a complete solution interacting with the MySQL querries so that the upload is automated.

2) synchronize and update user accounts on the Intranet

3) change the privilege set for a document directly from within FileMaker

4) synchronize a given number of data from FileMaker Tables to MySql Tables

Is that clear enough. I'm sorry I'm a so poor webmaster at the moment. crazy.gif

I'll be visiting these adresses you gave me anyway as I have so much to catch on this side of the world. smirk.gif

Any other links on the topic or generally related is very welcome.

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I'm not sure if you are going in this direction, but you might want to build your Project Management Application as a web based application. I say that because it's probably more work than necessary to build it using FMP by itself (considering all you want to do).

This way you can use PHP to communicate with BOTH FMP7 and MySQL. If your client is moving form FMP4 to 7, then they are already in for an nice size learning curve.

If it's built right, it will be easier to manage in the long run.

Just a suggestion.

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-In most cases, to send a SQL query to the mySQL server I use the External functions of PDM plugin(more info in its guide).




-To create a PDF I use shubec plugin


-And to send files via FTP - plugin at:


I do write PHP and to be honest I dont like solutions as FX.php because of previous experiences with the softvers which write code instead of me. But, my attitude shouldnt be a reason to possible check out and what FX.php can do for you.

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This topic is 6607 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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