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Multi-Level Portals


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I was under the impression that relationships could work beyond one level in portals and such in FM7, but, alas, i am not getting the desired results.

DB's: Vendor, Category

where Vendors can have an unlimited number of Categories assigned to them.

I have a "Primary Category" field that sets the vendors specified category to "primary" otherwise, it is considered a secondary category.


"vendor.category" - Vendor::VendorID = Category::VendorID - sorts based first on Primary/Secondary and then by category name.

"vendor.sj.all" - Vendor::Developer x Vendor::Developer - Creates the "show all" relationship

On my Vendor Entry / Edit screen i have adopted the method of having a "Show All" portal to list all available Vendors, and upon a click of a vendor in the portal, it becomes the active record. What i was hoping is that i could put these fields in the portal:

[vendor.sj.all::VendorName] and [vendor.category::Category]

My thinking is that it should show the Vendor, plus the primary category of the Vendor. I am getting the expected results for VendorName, but for Category, every category in the portal is showing the active vendor's category.

What method should I have in place to show the Vendor Name and the Vendor Category (which is an extra level deep) in the same portal?


Jeremy W

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I am guessing that you have 3 TO's on your relationship graph: Vendor, Category & Vendor.sj.all.

Vendor and Category are related by VendorID. You are using a cross product relationship between Vendor and Vendor.sj.all.

You need another TO, Categoy2 with the relationship to Vendor.sj.all by VendorID. Use this relationship in your portal. It should show the first record in Category for the vendor.

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Thanks a thousand times over for your quick response and your help.

Not only does everything work now, but the logic makes sense enough to where i should be able to implement multi-level portals with fewer problems now...

Thanks again.

Jeremy W

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This topic is 6612 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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