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find exact match (?)

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I am using the find query string in FMP5.5 to search for records in a particular field.

the fields contain values such as 11AABB, 23FFCC, etc.

Doing a search for "11AABC", returns the record for "11AABB"

the test query string is (VBscript):"& var & "&-find"

Why is the search so sloppy? It should return NO records.



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Hmmm... Have you tried using a ScriptMaker script, or is that just out of the question (I know there are instances when a VBscript must be used)? If you were to use ScriptMaker, you could do this:

Enter Find Mode [ ]

Set Field ["Field Name", "= 11AABC"]

Perform Find [ ]

It should search field "Field Name" for the value 11AABC.

I hope this will help you.


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