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I'm sure there's a simple solution !


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Hi there,

I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, so any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I have a database with 3 fields, Title, Language and ID

This is relating to another database, where these values would have already been defined.

Users will not know the ID, but will know the title and the language.

I have created a relationship between the databases, with Title being the key field

When someone types in the Title, I have a pop up in the language box that lists the possible languages that the particular title could be.

When someone chooses the language how do I get the unique ID that corresponds to that combination of title and language, as determined in the orginal database, to auto-enter into the ID box?

hope this makes sense!


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Define the relationship between the user and data tables as matching both the title and language fields.

Define the ID field in the user database as data::ID. Format it as non-enterable so that the user cannot change the ID for that title/language combo.

Whenever matching title and language fields are filled, the ID field will automatically populate.

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Hi bikergeek - thanks for posting.

I'm quite new at filemaker so apologies for being a bit slow. I've created a relationship where title is the match field, and then defined language as a look-up from the title relationship (is this what you meant?)

I've then defined the ID field as data_dbname::ID,

however when i type in the language it just inserts the first ID number that exists for that title.

I'm sure i'm being very stupid - any ideas?


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Create field Title_Laguage=Title&"_"&language in your file.

Then create the same field in original field. Create relation based on this field between your file to original. Then create lookup. Even you can do this if you use only your file by selfrelation.

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This topic is 6598 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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