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Handy Free Utility - Path Copy

Ted S

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Hi Guys,

I stumbled across this nifty little utility over the weekend. It has nothing to do with FileMaker directly but I have found it to be very useful; especially given the price.


It allows you to copy a file or folder's full path to the clipboard just by right clicking on the file or folder from Windows Explorer.

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Ted, i like the idea of this thread. I wonder what utilities other folks are using? As for me, some of my indispensible (or, at least, really convenient) apps are:

Text Editor: Notepad++

Syntax highlighting for dozens of file types (BAT, PHP, XML, HTML, Java, ...), line numbering, and automatic tabbing (to format scripts) save me a ton of time. Open-source.

Calculator: Calc+

Easy conversion of hex numbers and more.

File transfer: Filezilla Nothing fancy, but again, open-source.

XML editor: XmlShell Does everything i need, but much cheaper than most other XML editors.

Miscellaneous: Filemon Logs all read/write activity to all files on your system in real time. Indispensable when needed.

ExamDiff Pro Great file comparison tool. Even allows you to compare binary files.

Also, this is not a file, but i like to open programs from the Windows Start menu > Run. If you enter, say, notepad on that line, the Windows Notepad will open. To add applications, open your registry and go to [HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionApp Paths] In there, you will find several keys. If you add a key with the name "YourApp.exe" and set the (Default) value to the application path, then Start > Run > YourApp will open it. Also, holding down the Windows key and hitting R opens the "Run" dialog.


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