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Connect Parameters to Scripts

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Well prior to vs. 7, I rarely used Specify Button. Now I'm in that puppy all the time. And it never fails that, as I modify or add a script parameter, I then have the need to modify the script as well. But no.

I must instead exit clear out of Specify Button and open Script Maker and find the script. By the time I find the darned script, I've forgotten what I went there for! And worse still ... I'll have a calc box open and then forget whether I'm working on the script-step calc or the parameter calc.


Please dear FileMaker ... add a button next to parameter Edit which allows us to open the attaching script - and vice-versa. Every time I go through this process, what flashes in my mind is an old man sitting by a highway giving someone in a car directions ... "It's only a mile that direction ... but you can't get there from here." crazy.gif

FileMaker is no longer a sleepy-dawg. They are awake and listening. And I tell 'em too. Give your input Features Suggestions

I realize that vs. 8 may be coming soon. But we need to begin presenting our desires on vs. 9.0. Besides, we may get some of these wishes with vs. 8!! Maybe this'll be my birthday gift this year!! wink.gif

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This topic is 6804 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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