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Calculating "Due Date" and using in relationship?

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Been struggling with a good way to do two simple things that seem diamettrically opposed?

Each record in my database has a calculation field which determines REC_STATUS. This REC_STATUS calculation determines if the Get (CurrentDate) > Target Date (i.e.... has the date passed?)

It seems that the only way to make this update automatically, is to not index it, and mark it as Do Not Store Calc Results - Calc When Needed.

Problem with that though is that I have a self-join relationship for a portal based on a filter by the REC_STATUS.

i.e. global Filter Status = REC_STATUS

Thus REC_STATUS needs to be indexed for the filtered view. And then the calc fields doesn't automatically update.

Is there a smooth way around this that will get me both the filtered record view, and an automatically updating REC_STATUS based on current date?

I have considered some kludgy solutions (manually updating when the database is open or a record is viewed?), but definitely feel like there must be something better.

Thanks for any help!


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This topic is 6810 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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