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More sorting problems

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Thanx LaRetta for the help with my first post... smile.gif

On to the next:

How do I get the list view to sort one category by itself?

For example:

I sort things by Last Name then by Department.

Now, all my records are sorted alphabetically. By Last Name then by Department.

How do I get it to sort STRICTLY by Department?

If I hit Last Name a few times, it will sort STRICTLY by Last Name.

Why not the other way around?

Am I making any sense?

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I dunno what I did, but, I figured it out...

Oh I know this phrase sooooo well ...

When it comes to sorting, imports, exports, printing etc, < 7 versions were very confusing! Many times I would 'fiddle' and finally it would work. In prior versions you must perform the action manually then open the script. In vs. 7, you open the script and specify the action - much more logical.

RESTORE * REPLACE * KEEP ... seemed very illogical. Well - they are and that's why FileMaker changed the process. Here is the key (in prior versions):

1) Manually perform the action (your sort)

2) IMMEDIATELY open Script Maker

3) Edit the script which contains the Sort[] script-step

4) Highlight the Sort[] step

5) Immediately click OK

6) View the list of options you wish to change (in this case Sort)

7) Change the radio button to REPLACE

7) Say OK, then DONE.

If you memorize this sequence, you won't have problems with Sorts, Import mapping, exporting etc. when attempting to change (and store) them within scripts. smile.gif


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This topic is 6944 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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