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Related value list won't work


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Ok, I have to admit just switched to 7 and need to develop a new application real fast :

Here's my problem.

I have a table "values" with values, each value has a category. So I have 3 fields :id,category,value.

ex (just to be clear not the real data where cat. are abbreviations):






Several fields in the "products" table need to display these values in a value list according to the needed category (size or color).

So I have a global which changes to the category I want to appear in the value list through scripting.

The relationship works fine! When I check in a portal I see the data I need appear.

But..the value list refuses to work. As a list it doesn't show anything, as a pop-up menu it says: no values defined.

Que pasa?

Thank you for reading and eventually answering this question.

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did you:

1 - forget to set the value list to a field (i've done it before)

2 - make sure that in the options of the value list itslef check "use values from" choose the table and fields used to create the list and then make sure you check "include related values only" and that the drop down is set to the table where you inputing is being done

i hope that makes sense

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Hello Vich,

If by 1 you mean I might have forgotten to change the 'field format' so it shows a list, no I didn't.

And I also did what you mentioned in point 2.

The relationship works because the portal shows the records.

But the list refuses to work. Thought I might have forgotten a typical 7 thing I didn't know of cause I've used this trick before to show list items (but not in 7)

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Made a new database to upload (as soon as I found the button) and...the list works fine over there!

So I'm going to make the relationship again in my old database and try to figure out what's going wrong.

I'll keep you informed and thank you for your answers.

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Thank you very much for your help. Wouldn't have figured it out myself.

The relationships are still a bit confusing to me in Filemaker (not as a concept).

There seems to be an important difference between relationships the MS Access way and the Filemaker way as I just figured out.

To be honest I also think the relationship window is a super idea (we needed it for a long time) but there should also be another kind of view (the plain old text view - goes from this table to this table, from this to that field).

Because the relationship window becomes very crowded and it's hard to figure out what has been done or not when you have several relationships.

What I did was saying what original values I wanted, to me that's from the 'val' table. Never thought of working through the relationship as I had the impression that happened when you say, show only related records.

Anyway now I have learned and will (try) not (to) repeat the mistake.

Thanks again.

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This topic is 6681 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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