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Hi gang,

I have a script that creates a pdf file from a Job record. the last step of the script is to e-mail this pdf to a client. the problem I have is attaching the file. The user has to attach the file manually. Is there a way to use a dynamic file name to attach. It is named for the Job number filed.

I know if the file is always the same name in the same place it is easy. But the file is named after the job number. But I have found no way of telling fmp to attach the file named after the job number field. I don't think its possible. Am I wrong? Please tell me I am


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You can't dynamically attach a file, it has to be explicitly named in the script. You also can't dynamically export a file from filemaker.

The way I've worked around this (for pdf files) is to always print the pdf file to the same filename and always email that filename. Since you can dynamically choose the recipient, you can put the generation of the pdf file in the script right before the mailing. This way the contents of the pdf are correct for each recipient, even if the filenames are all the same.

If you really need to dynamically rename and attach files to emails, you might consider a plugin like SMTPit Pro.

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This topic is 6686 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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