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V7 Server Advanced Installation Problem

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System: Windows XP

Version: FM 7 Server Advanced

I have read several posts on V7 Advanced & learned a lot. My problem seems rather basic compared to the others, so hopefully its obvious.

I can't get the Web Services to work. When I look at the Client Options in V7 Server, my options for "Web Publishing Sessions" & "Server Advanced Settings" are disabled. I'm really screwed here.

Initially, I installed V7 Server & V7 Server Advanced. I learned of the 7.03, so I "uninstalled" both Server & Advanced. One problem may be that XP didn't remove the Folders in Program Files. When I reinstalled, my personal FM files were still there. That can't be good.

On the re-install, I used the following order:

- V7 Server

- V7.03 Server Update

- V7 Server Advanced

- V7.03 Server Advanced Update

After the re-install, I discovered (from this forum) that I needed to disable the Authenitication in IIS.

I did that after the re-install. Does this mean I need to re-re-install?

All help appreciated.

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Additional Info:

I can get the "http://localhost/fmi/config" page to display. It asks me to "Configure Administration Account".

Not matter what I give it, I.E. takes a minute or so, then gives me a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" Page.


Under the Summary option of FileMaker Server I see the following entry:

"FileMaker Web Publishing Engine Not Allowed"

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Not sure about Windows, but on the Mac if the FMSA 7 installation procedure is not followed exactly, it gets screwed up and has to be manually de-installed and then re-installed. I suspect you're seeing the same problem on Windows. If you de-install, make sure you get EVERY file, preference, etc. in EVERY directory.

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Thanks. I did just that.

As it turned out, when we got our upgrade software from FM, it came in three packs. We have 9 Keys between the three packs.

The Key I had used was designated VLA. I assume meaning Volume Licensing Agreement (aka Client stuff). When I picked a Key designated S7A, I got access to the Server Advanced Settings Tab.

So, I'm farther. I'm now stuck at...


(Administration Console Configuration: Configure Administration Account )

When I give it a User Name & Password, then hit Apply, I.E. still just sits there for a couple minutes then say "can't find page".

But, I'm farther.

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On the Mac this symptom is solveable by completely uninstalling FMSA and reinstalling it. If during installation the exact algorithm is not followed (there are glitches), the installation gets "blown up" The easiest & fastest way I found to recover is the uninstall/install.

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This topic is 6677 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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