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Citrix and the Mac


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Originally posted by WBlanchard:

We've mixed platform environment which includes a number of Mac in the field. We considering Citrix as a possibility to increase FMP performance for our field personnel with analog connections. The question I've been ask to research is, Citrix's long term committment to the Mac platform.

I hate to see anyone base decisions simply on what items a single product will support. Look at what YOUR needs are and see if the Mac fit in there, if it does then stick with it! Tell Citrix that you, the customer, are committed to the Mac platform and that if they want your business, they will commit as well.

Also make sure that you send a message to Citrix explaining your situation to them, they need to know.

Finally remember that since you are basically running a remote control situation, you can always use something like VirtualPC to connect.



Kurt Knippel


Database Resources

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This topic is 7846 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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