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Filebooks, Opinions?

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Does a nyone out there have any experience/advice about Filebooks that they can pass on.

I am developing a solution for a client where this type of functionality "as advertised" could be a perfect solution?

How does data pass back and forth? Do fields used in an FMP solution have to match exactly with corresponding fileds in Q-books?

I have already prgrammed a solution for this client and back engineering the fields would be a challenge, but not impossible.

Is information pass through triggered by a script event?

Are there any "traps" to avoid?

This would be a new world for me, but I would enjoy taking it up a notch.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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This is kind of late as far as a response ... I have been integrating QBP and FMP via the FileBooks Link since 2002 ...

I would be happy to assist you.

Robert Gold


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