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Canconotating related fields?

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I have a few related records of text in a LineItem table for each recond in the Main table. All fields are text fields. The user would not be entering data here, simplying reading it.

I want to display the records in the line times as one text field along side the fields in the Main table. So far the only solution I have come up with (still stuck in FM5 mind set) is to have a portal displaying the related line items and a script that goes from first portal row to the last row copying (using set field) the contents of each portal row text field to a Temp field in Main table record. Thus every time I would go to that Main table layout and show the record, the script would go to a hidden layout with the portal, run the script, then take you back to the display layout where the Main table record fields and Temp fleld have been placed.

With FM7 (or 8) is there a simpler way, ie some calculation field based on a relationship to put the records in a specified order into one concatonated field for display and scrolling? Simply putting the Portal for the line items would require the user to click into each row separately to view all texts for the related records, (some texts are 1-2 liines some would be 20-30 lines).


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This topic is 5775 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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