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Nasty Error in Database Design Report ?

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I started working on an older project after many weeks "rest".

I decided to run a DDR and wanted to clean up the whole project a little before I continued working.

It is quite complex and in a half finished state with many changes.

Well looked through the HTML version of the report and found quite a few Table OC that where not used in any script or layout ...

So I deleted them one after the other and cleaned the whole Relational graph nicely up.

I was so happy to streamlined everything before I start again !

Took me ONLY 10 hours repair work ( lucky I had some backup files )

I Lost my whole navigation and many other script steps !

DDR Report under FM 8 ADV DOES NOT SHOW any use of TOC in GOTO related Script Steps ! They LOOKED LIKE UNUSED !

So I deleted them all if the TOC was not used for other things as well.

Ok I agree I had some “Alzheimer” involved on my side, but still is very NASTY !

So please be WARNED !

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Good catch. Sorry you had to go through all this pain to find it.

Keep in mind though that the HTML DDR is just a representation of the real DDR which is in XML. I don't use the HTML one at all and much prefer to work with the raw data. As you can see below TO info is right there in the GTRR script step defenition (it's somewhat misleadingly named 'table' and not 'TO');)

Go to Related Record [ From table: “amazon”; Using layout: “amazon” (amazon) ]

[ Show only related records ]

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Since I work with XML at lot, I use Excelon Stylus Studio to view XML in color coded text, in tree view or in grid view.

But you can do it for free with Internet Explorer or FireFox. IE is slightly better since it lets you collaps nodes.

That will just show the XML as it is of course. I've written my own tools (in C#) mostly to cross reference all the info there and make reports for myself.

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