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Variable portal contents?


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I have a portal (lower half) and I would like to have the data shown in the portal always sorted by what exists in the "Title" field (upper left).

What I would like to have is a search function the moment I commit to an entry in the Title field, so that it shows me in the portal below, other items with the same or similar names.

I can then select the item row in the portal and have the upper half of the screen populated with that record. OR select nothing in the portal and start a new record using that title I entered, and hit the "New Entry" button to save it.

What I'm doing is a database of Apple II peripherals and related items, by catagory, condition, completeness, location, etc.

I just can't figure out the portal thing, three different FileMaker books and I'm still dense on the subject. All I can get in the portal is the first 10 records of the database.

Any thoughts?


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From how the portal scroll bar looks in your screenshot, it seems scrolling a bit would show more than 10 records...

Other than that, what did you used as the keys for the relationships ? If all records are showing, I suspect the keys on left and right sides are constant keys (i.e "1" ).

Try using the Title as the match key ( for a filter ) or use advanced filtering techniques involving type-ahead or clairvoyance settings. Search for both terms on the Forum and you should get plenty of references on the topic.

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Wow. It's been nearly a year since I last touched that 'project'

.. I still can't figure out how to apply a filter to the portal view.

What I basically would like that lower portal to do for me is if I type in "Beneath" in the title box, (as a search entry), have the portal *center* on the record that begins with "Beneath" or the closest one in the sort order. In this case, the sort order is alphabetical ascending by the title field.

All it always wants to do is display the first 10 records. I need to associate it's sort with whatever is in the title box on a live basis. The idea is if I add a new record and start to type in 'Z-RAM' in the title, I would like to see any other 'Z-RAM' items I have in that portal. Idealy this would be dynamic, but pressing a button is okay.

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This topic is 5467 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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