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Hi guys,

I am not sure this is where I should ask this but here goes.

I have 5 fields labled Bldg_1 through Bldg_5. Some records have only bldg_1 some have more. I need a report that has all buildings sorted by building number.

How do I find all the buildings from the 5 fields and display it in a single field to show all building numbers?

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You probably don't know it, but your question is more about relationships...

You need to normalize your data so that the building information isn't put into different fields (Bldg_1 through Bldg_5). You normalize by creating a separate Building table that has bldg Number (1 through 5) and SiteID (assuming the main table is some sort of site-oriented table), make a link between SiteID in the site table and the SiteID field in the building table, and put whatever building-specific information in thebuilding table. Then, you make a report in the building table that will list each building in its own line.

Scout around the forums for more about using arelational structure. There's a lot here about how to do it.

I hope this gets you going...


P.S.: To anticipate a question down the line, there are ways to limit the number of related building records a person can create attached to a given site, and others will be able to guide you there.

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This topic is 5760 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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