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FM8 Tips needed for Meeting Planner solution


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Don't know if this is the right forum to place this thread in, but it looks like it...

I have a problem that I will solve eventually, but maybe some of you could have good opinions on the best way to do this (and thus preventing me from invent the wheel twice)! : I think it has been talked about before, but couldn't find a perfect solution.

This will be a meeting planner solution for several groups with several people and several dates. Most of it's already done, and it is workable, but I want to present it in a cross-reference style, and that's where I am now.


A bunch of people wants to plan meetings. Since all of them are on tight schedules it's almost impossible to find a spot where all of them can be available. Hence a FM solution would be the right thing to do!


One person is responsible for creating suggestions on different dates for different groups of people. He creates a new appointment and choose the people that will be invited.

The invited person logs in and is presented with the suggested dates. He then clicks on "Yes" or "No" if he can participate or not. When all people have done this, hopefulle a date will be available where all people in the group have answered "Yes".

Today, this is presented like this, with a portal for the dates:


Name: Andreas Carlsson

Date Your choice Indication

Wed 25/1 Yes 75%

Thu 26/1 Yes 100%

Mon 30/1 No 25%


When clicking on the date, you can see what the other invited people have choosed.


I want a better graphical display of this. I want to see all invited peoples, cross-referenced with all dates. A better overview that is.

Something like this:


DateName Andreas Roger Linda Stefan

Wed 25/1 Yes Yes No Yes 75%

Thu 26/1 Yes Yes Yes Yes 100%

Mon 30/1 No No No Yes 25%


One of the problems is that the number of persons vary in each group, from 1 to 10. It's not a big problem, but this can make a lot of empty space to the right in the graph (if I continue to do it the way I'm doing it right now).

Another problem is that it should be available for Web Direct Publication.

I realize that this is not what FM is best on. Nevertheless, this would be the perfect solution, and it would be nice to have some ideas on how to solve this most efficient way!



PS. It's hard to see what I mean without the tabs, so I attach a picture that looks like how I want it. DS


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This topic is 5728 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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