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Excel-styled Report


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This is possible. But it's going to need some work. You'll need self-relationships based on the following:


Year & Month (20052 or 200502, either number or text)

Year & months (12, fixed, Year & "1", Year & "2", ...Year & "12", matches above)

Quarter (calculation)

Year & Q

The top "clients" part of the report would be a Subsummary part. The columns would be self-related Sum (amount field) based on the 12 self-relationships on YearMonthFixed to YearMonth.

A column based on Last Year, a calculation to produce % of total. This would use GetSummary() fields or self-relationships with the client ID included:

Year - 1 & ClientID (column 1)

Year & ClientID (last column)

Year & Month & ClientID (column 2)

The section at the bottom with the quarters would be in a Trailing Grand Summary part, with the option [x] Do not break over page boundaries.

There's also an Avg() function, in the Aggregates section, to use with self-relationships. Or a Summary field of Average, with GetSummary(). Not sure which I'd use. I tend to use self-relationships more, as they're also available in Browse mode. But for a report sorting (needed for GetSummaries) is a given, because of the Subsummary part(s).

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This topic is 5727 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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