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Slide printing issue


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Interesting problem. In it's simplest form, I can preview a page and the page looks perfect. Headers & footers are where they are there are no white spaces, etc. etc.

When I go to print (HP LaserJet 4050) the print out prints slightly smaller (which creates white space) and now the text from the next page (field) appears on this page (Filemaker doing its slide printing filling up the white space). Which is find except that the text being brought "up" to fill in the space is overwriting the footer.


On the next page the same text overwrites the header on that page.

Oh, and forget about fixed page margins. The text appears cut off at the top & bottom.

It's almost like on the print out the header & footer (and margins) are being ignored or treated as white space and the fields are sliding up.

I've checked all the parts on the layout. They're all the same. All the fields in all the parts all have the same slide printing options. Page margins are fixed.

Is this a feature? :)-)

Any suggestions are welcome.


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Okey dokey.

From the mac it prints as displayed. No overlaps/over writes. It just works. Same printer.

From the PC to a different printer. Same problem.

Printing to PDF the page displays correctly in Acrobat, but when printed (from Acrobat) the overlap occurs.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Print driver/FM issue?

Suggestions on where to start?


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Sounds like a Windows printer driver issue, perhaps combined with a font issue, especially as you're viewing it correctly in Acrobat, but even from Acrobat it prints wrong. Something to do with the way Windows is handling PostScript, perhaps? I'm mostly a Mac guy, so perhaps a Windows person will jump in for you.


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This topic is 5720 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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