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Changed record in portal...oops!!


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I have 2 data bases.

Project.fp5 holds requests for work assignments, and each record

contains the field Zip which is a zip code.

There is a relationship defined into ZipCodes.fp5, a zip code data file

which contains one record for each zip code. Each record includes the

field InspCode which represents a person who is given work assignments

for that zip code.

As I worked in Project.fp5 I needed to change work assignments, so I

edited the related field InspCode. I did not realize that this was

effectively editing the original InspCode field in ZipCode.fp5.

This is NOT what I had in mind. I did NOT want to change the value of

InspCode in ZipCodes.fp5; I simply wanted to insert the value of

InspCode into Project.fp5, with the ability to edit the InspCode field

in Project.fp5 without altering the source data in ZipCodes.fp5.

Should this have been a Lookup? If so, how do I prevent Filemaker from

looking up (and changing) the values every time the Project.fp5 file

opens and changing the InspCode field?

Ultimately this relationship "works" until I fix the unwanted changes in

ZipCodes.fp5. As soon as I do that, of course, the data in Project.fp5

will no longer be the same -- not a good plan.

Is it too late to fix this problem? If I create a field InspCode in

Project.fp5, can I insert the data into the field to preserve it

permanently (before changing the ZipCodes file)? How?

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Yes, you should be using a lookup if you're going to be making changes in the related file, but want to keep the old info in the Projects file.

Don't panic! You can fix this:

1. In Projects, define a field InspCode.

Make it a lookup based on ZipCode.

2. In ZipCodes, change the InspCode back to what it was before your train wreck.

3. In Projects, Find All.

4. Click in the ZipCode field.

5. Choose Relookup from the Records menu.

Done. Now you can make all the changes you want to InspCode in ZipCode, and it won't affect existing Project records.

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This topic is 8205 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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