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screen redraw issue...if text field extends below bottom edge of scroll window and screen goes completely white


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not sure if this is the correct category for this issue.

i just converted a database from fp5 format to fp7. it a simple database, but is exhibiting a behavior that is alarming to users.

in list layout, where each data field is displayed in a horizontal row, one field has a description, and these descriptions are multiple lines. of course, one only sees the one line, but when clicked the field expands to show the entire contents.

however, if one does this on the last visible item in the list (or one with much written in the description so it's box extends beyond the viewable are in the filemaker window) and adds a return or tries to use the arrow keys to move down to reveal text in that field that is below the edge of the filemaker window, the text field box expands and the filemaker data window becomes completely blank. the text within the box also mostly disappears.

i can restore it by scrolling or switching layouts. so it's not losing data or anything, it's some sort of screne refresh/redraw issue.

i'm on v7.0v3, and it consistently happens on multiple mahcines, developer or plain client.

any ideas on how to fix or circumvent this behavior?


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I'm having a similar problem. I'm using FM 8 Advanced on a Mac. Everything work fine for awhile but after switching in and out of layout mode a few times the screen does not redraw, I just get a completely white box where the FM window is. If I click on the window it will redraw then flash back to white. I'll poke around the forums to see if anyone else has this issue but I would love to hear if anyone else has had a similar problem and resolved it.

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This topic is 5710 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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