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ODBC Import issue with DateTime


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I have a MySQL table on a MacOSX 10.4 server and Filemaker Pro Server 7. I am using the "Actual Technologies" ODBC driver for this project. I have a number of fields I am trying to import from MySQL into a client FM DB.

The Problem:

Two of the MySQL fields are formatted as DATETIME and they serve as a creation and update AUTO-ENTER fields using the NOW() MySQL function. The fields are auto filled with a string that looks like this 20060125132456 (yr, m, d, hr, sec) ....when using the FM ODBC importer these two fields import and look like this 365: 12: 23 .....all other import fields work perfectly..I have tried changing around FM field types...nothing seems to work ...I would like it if the fields were imported either as a text string (just like MySQL) or with FM DateTime formatting...

Is there an EZ solution?

Is there a workaround?

Is there a product I can buy (ODBC) that will greatly simplify communication back/forth between FM and MySQL and will resolve these field type differences automatically?


Jim E

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Jonathan Monroe of Actual Technologies kindly solved the same problem I had using a mysql timestamp field. The conversion is apparently done by FM when it detects a timestamp(or datetime) field.


SELECT CAST(my_timestamp As CHAR) from my_table

into the FM SQL Builder forces FM to treat the timestamp field as a text field thereby keeping the mysql formatting.


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This topic is 5699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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