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I'm trying to implement tab-based user screens to avoid having multiple windows open for users to worry with. But I'm having a problem navigating from a portal row (via GTTR) to another tab(screen). The data “environment” isn't being passed. Everything works when I open the screen in a separate window, but not if I try the same funtions on a separate tab. The attached file gives a simplified example.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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Well you realize that, by putting your related Items fields directly on the WinTest layout, you will always only see the first item. Only a portal will display all of the related (to Tools, Car Parts, Boat Parts).

But I found the exercise intriguing anyway. I've never used the new tabs before - just switched to 8. The key in moving between tabs appears to be Go To Field [ field in tab you wish to land on). But I could only make it work right by 1) first GTRR to ItemID then GTRR back to WinTest, THEN tabbing to the second layout (see attached REV file). I've added an Alt button in your list portal. Give it a shot ...

My sense is that FileMaker wants tabs used when based upon the same layout (actually, same table occurrence?). But it should nonetheless work with related (but you should use a portal there). Again ... this is my first 'play' with tabs so take it for what it's worth (very little). But I've been known to GTRR then GTRR behind the scenes to get to where I want. But GTRR directly to related using the same layout ... well ...

Thank you for letting me have a look!

UPDATE: Oh, I think you want to use the ListID and not the ItemsID in that GTRR. Then a portal. But I'm unsure what you want to really display in the alternate tab. But I think you get the idea!



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To All Viewers:

I've revised -- and hopefully clarified -- my example (new file below). The three tabs are:

Main Access Method -- this works fine by opening the View layout in a separate window

Alternate Method -- this can be ignored; it represents a rather convoluted attempt to get results using a next/previous script that worked for an individual item, but not a portal.

View Tab -- I placed a copy of the View layout here (portal, fields and buttons). I've tried various combinations of using the list and item table occurrences and haven't been able to duplicate the behaviour of the View layout. Usually, I get all items or only the first one -- and once, nine copies of the first item. THIS TAB is where I need suggestions.



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This topic is 5699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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