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two data input layouts, hiding records from each other?


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I have a structural problem with a database designed to track print design projects, when a project gets edited by designers the time spent is logged before finally getting sent to a printer. The tracking database also has an invoicing system that is really the marketing departments budget.

The problem is this marketing department decided they want to assign a project number to all of their costs not just designer expenses. They claim there is a one to one relationship between all of their projects(expenses) to the invoice system. In other words when they buy pencils they will assign a project number (related to one invoice) the same as when they have an expensive printing project with several different designers working on it.

To solve this problem, I just copied the layout for the input for the designers projects and took out non-pertinent fields and made a second input layout for the non-design projects. My idea to have multiple buttons, one is for new deisgn projects, one is for reprints and revisions. Those already get assigned a project number through a scheme that is working already. I assigned button number 4 to the new non design project.

My problem is that in the layout of the design projects you can see the records for the non-design projects and vice versa for the non-design projects you can view all the records. I know that I should probably separate out the non-design projects into another file but since there is a one to one in between invoices and projects it would be cool if I could just hide the non-design projects and design projects from showing up when you are in the proper layout.

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Actually you should just use finds attached to the buttons which take you to the appropriate screens.

The design project screen should find only the design projects and visa-versa.

Only break the data into a seperate file, if it is really significiently different, as opposed to just subsets of the data.



Kurt Knippel

Senior Filemaker Developer


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Sounds like you need three layouts, one master which has everything, and two edited, each displaying only those fields pertinent to each layout. Control access by buttons as you are doing. If you need to limit access further, do it with normal identifiers and script.


Keith M. Davie

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This topic is 8813 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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