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Help with Calculation for Cost of Goods Tax Inventory

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Omigod--this is so hard to explain in words...but I'm desperate to get my taxes figured out.

I'm trying to find my total inventory cost of goods for business taxes (in report form - FMPro Version 6). For tax purposes, it's either 1/3 or 1/5 the total retail cost--I'm not allowed to use the full retail cost.

I've got columns set up for:

-The selling price of each item.

-1/3 the selling price of each item (calculation)

-1/5 the selling price of each item (calculation)

I need to be able to select either 1/3 cost or 1/5 cost of for each product so that I can later combine them to equal the Grand Total Cost of Goods Summary.

As long as my 1/3 & 1/5 columns are calculations, I can't figure out how to fill in one or the other column--it's automatically filling in both.

Note: I'm a beginner type "dummy" so can anyone explain step-by-step how I can put in an either/or/choose type calculation to do this:

Allow me to select whether I want to use the 1/3 total cost or the 1/5 total cost calculation to reach my grand total.

Here's what I'm trying to do in example format:

One Amethyst pendant retails for $30

1/3 cost of goods is $10.00

1/5 cost of goods is $5.00.

This pendant time & material was high, so I want to select the $10.00

Another Amethyst is also $30 retail but it went fast and I used silver. I want to be fair and select the 1/5 cost of goods--$6.00 to make it.

How can I set up my report to allow me to select only one total or the other, not both?

Failing that, can anyone explain how I can import the entire file to Excel so that it shows up in the column format? If I can get it into Excel, I will be able to manually delete either the 1/3 or 1/5 caculation for every line item and then easily get the totals at the bottom of the sheet.

Help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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I need to be able to select either 1/3 cost or 1/5 cost of for each product

I may be missing something here. In order to select the fraction, you need a field to record your selection. You could make it a number field, formatted as radio buttons using a value list of 3, 5.

Then you only need one calculation field =


and summarize the calculation field.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have to say, I'm an idiot! I don't know what I'm doing wrong because I've tried to set up a value list as you explained. I've tried inputting it every way I can think of--with quotes, with [] symbols, I've tried putting in .33, even etc. It's not working.

I've got this in there now - it's coming up a choice of either $3.00 or $5.00 instead of 1/3 the Selling Price:

Selling Price/3


Selling Price/5

I've got the radio button working--it opens up as a choice between the two options, but the selling price doesn't get calculated in there.

I've tried it as [sellingPrice} "Selling Price"

(My actual field is "Selling Price" with a space between the two words.

I also tried defining the field to get the thing to work. I've tried everything...It seems like it should be so simple and, in fact, I've got this working from the gitgo in its own field: Sum(Selling Price)/3

but I was able to use this as a calculation and select "Selling Price" as a field.

How can I select "Selling Price" as a field within the value list so that it recognizes the field?

:bang: I feel like such a blithering idiot!


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... Um you need another field. You should have 3 fields...

Field 1: Your original price

Field 2: Your percentage type choice field (1/3 1/5th or whatever)

Field 3: A calc with SellingPriceField * FractionField as the result (number as result)


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Your attachment is exactly what I'm trying to do on my own layout.

I've learned so much seeing how you set yours up (even small things like using the "view sample data" button instead of just viewing "fields")

I've set everything up just the way you have it in the value list, define fields and the actual layout format you used.

The problem now is that I can't figure out how you got 2 radio buttons to show--I only have one, so it's still not offering an option to select one or the other. My value list is typed in the same way as yours. I see you have some kind of sizing in your heading--I don't know what that is or how you did it. Is that what's allowing 2 buttons to show instead of one?

I'm so grateful to you for sharing this--I never in a million years would've been able to come up with the correct Define Fields or Value Lists. This is you/this is me (still needing help)! :therethere:



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This topic is 5676 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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