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I have a sep model based as follows


Client data (normal data)

Client Calcs (calcs for the above clients)

Product Sales (sales data for each client)

Each is related to the other via a customer id.

Have created a script in each file to create a new client based on a serial number, each are in sync with each other.

A script is run in the gui file on a Client layout createing a new record and then runs the script in the calc file and the procut sales file.

The records are being created but not updated via the relationship, so when i go to enter details into a field from product sales or client calcs i cant input data. if i open the file manually and check, the creation of records has taken place and when i then close the file relationship is updated.

How do I get around this?

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The calcs file contains unstored calcs.

When i create a record in the gui file it creates a record in the other files by calling a new record script in those files.

The problem is that the gui is not picking up the fact that a new related record has been created, and wont allow entry to the input fields. They just appear as blank uneneterable fields.

tried a script to commit the info in the related file but that does not work!

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This topic is 5720 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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