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Writing a Script Help--Find Function

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I just got a book "FileMaker 8 Funcations and Scripts" and it show the SET FIELD function for scripts in a find. I have tried using this with ScriptWriter but have not been able to duplicate the format. If there a way I can write a script free hand in FM or do I have to use the script writer?

When using the script writer I specify the field but can not include the action to take. I go to calculations and can not get it to do what I want there because it is wanting () and the book shows brackets [] around the set.

I am trying to find items with a date and time.

This is an example of what I am trying to do

#Find payments entered prior to 15:00 hrs on the current day with a payment date of the next day


SET FIELD [CURRENT DATE;">// 15:00:**"]





Any help would be greatly appreciated


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You'll need to use ScriptMaker, and select each script step from the list.

For your Set Field [] steps, try using get(currentdate) instead of the // shortcut. Something like:

Set Field [ Payment Date ; get(currentdate) + 1 ]

The = is not necessary to get a match in Date, Time, or Number fields.

As for your other Set Field [], I'm afraid I can't tell what you're trying to do there. Is Current Date supposed to be a Timestamp field?

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Just to clarify...

// Is used to comment out a line in the calculation dialog rather than to search for the current date as it is in find mode.

But if you really want to place that text from a calc. dialog into a field in find mode, you'll have to enclose the literal text in quotes "//"

The problem with your calculation is that you're placing the literal text of a calculation in a field and expecting it to evaluate.

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This topic is 5742 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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