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Printer Switching in OS X using AppleScript [Beta -8]

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Description: What does this FileMaker demo file show ?

Switching printers in OSX (I use 10.44 -10.3 should be ok) using AppleScript commands

What can You use this for ?

Always if You want Your FileMaker program to print on a specific printer or when You have more then one printer e.g. a Label printer in use. Using two printers to speedup printing or color and monochrome printing....

What is the problem in the first place ?

OS X always marks the last used printer as the default printer. (: true?)

FileMaker gives You the possibility to select a printer when You use the FileMaker Script step Print[], but when the Script is run it takes the default printer instead!

Working Under: 8

Solution Status: sorry still Beta

Pre-requisites: FileMaker 7 or 8 & OSX 10.4 (10.3)

Author(s):P Ohgo_Ohgo

Date: 03/20/06


Instructions / Other Info: Easy to implement it is dynamic even with Your own Solution Name.


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New File. SetPrinterNames AS was missing
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Huu now I had stress !

In the last minute ...that great idea ... just make a small change and nothing worked any more !

Now I have a revised File uploaded which to my testing should work now.

But (having no last backup before) reinventing it, showed that there where some timing problems with Apple Script.

Seams to be the only “control language” with no feedback or handshake ?

I used the quit command sparsely and inserted two small 0.3 seconds delays. hope that fixes it.

Sorry again and thank You

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