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Productive Computing, Inc. Releases Outlook Manipulator v3 Plug-in

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San Diego, CA - March 7, 2006 - Productive Computing, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the release of the Outlook Manipulator v3 plug-in. The Outlook Manipulator Plug-in is the only FileMaker Pro plug-in that allows you to pass data between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Outlook®. This newest release offers significantly expanded functionality over previous releases of the Outlook Manipulator.

Improvements over previous versions of the Outlook Manipulator include:

- Freedom to navigate to any folder in the current users default folder tree

- Increased access to Outlook record types to include Notes, Journal, and Post Items

- Import e-mail message headers

- Uses Outlook's own e-mail engine to send email without using an external SMTP mail client and bypasses all security dialogs

- Fully Unicode compatible (International Language support)

Existing Features include:

- Authenticate User (for Outlook Profiles)

- New Record, Delete Record, Delete All Records

- Save Record (or Send Mail)

- Open Record, Set Field Data

- Verify Field Data

- Get Field Data, Get First Record, Get Next Record, Get Record Count

- Set Mail Folder

- Open First Folder, Open Next Folder

- Get Folder ID

- Move Record

With this new plug-in, developers and users will have the tools to be able to manipulate Microsoft Outlook data DIRECTLY THROUGH A FILEMAKER PRO INTERFACE! The Outlook Manipulator can exchange data within Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Mail, Journal, and Post Items.

"This enhanced version is faster, has access to more Outlook data fields, and is even easier to integrate into your custom solutions than ever before! We built it from the ground up using the latest FileMaker plug-in API and Microsoft architectures, which resulted in the most robust, user friendly plug-in we have created to date. It truly is the 'crown jewel' in our extensive product line." - CFO, Keith Larochelle

Example Uses:

- Move all contacts from your FileMaker contact manager into MS Outlook for easy E-mail address lookup

- Populate and view the Outlook calendar using your FMP events database

- Populate FileMaker with your Outlook E-mail for archiving purposes and quick search capability

- Create Outlook tasks from your live FMP data complete with reminders

- Send Mass E-Mail campaigns without encountering Outlook security dialogs

Click here http://www.productivecomputing.com for a free 12-day demo, and to review our other FileMaker Pro related products!

Other plug-ins and solutions available from Productive Computing, Inc.:

* The "Core" Contact Management solution:

Built from the ground up in FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Pro 8 native format, the "Core" manages all your contacts, individuals, letters, faxes, email, tasks, notes, calendar events, and associated documents.

* Multi-User Calendar v4 solution:

Built from the ground up as a single file in FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Pro 8 native format, it covers all the basic needs of individual and team scheduling and task management. It is useful as a powerful add-on to an existing or new FileMaker Pro based system.

* Outlook Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data within Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Mail.

* Entourage Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data within Microsoft Entourage® (OSX) Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Mail.

* OSX Address Book Manipulator Plug-in:

Provides a lightning fast two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's OSX Address Book®.

* SendFax Plug-in:

The SendFax Plug-in allows you to fax documents directly from your FileMaker database applications.

* Calendar Popup Plug-in:

Enter dates, date ranges, and times into your fields with a popup interface that includes a year at a glance and a side-by-side mini calendar for entering date ranges.

* PDF Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that have embedded form fields.

* Biometric Plug-in:

Add additional security to your solutions by incorporating fingerprint authentication.

* IT Asset Inventory solution:

Catalog and label your entire organization's IT assets in one central database solution including Hardware, Software, Users, and Passwords.

You can download demos of these plug-ins and solutions at: http://www.productivecomputing.com

Productive Computing, Inc. is one of the Partner Level members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, a 2000 member organization of professional FileMaker pro developers. The company specializes in custom database design and FileMaker Pro plug-in development.

Productive Computing, Inc.

Creating Efficiency Through Automation

Phone: (760) 560-0443

Fax: (760) 732-3410

mailto:[email protected]


Partner Member - FileMaker Solutions Alliance

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This topic is 5730 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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