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Moving from 5.5 to 8.


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I've got a solution that I developed years ago in 5.5, and am trying to change it over to 8. I'm not sure of exactly how to proceed. I've dabbled in one of the provided solutions and am finding that it's not all that different.

I've got a solution that has 4 related files. Orders, suppliers, customers, and Misc. POs. I'd like to be able to just sort of "slide over" all of my forms into version 8, but am not sure how to do so. What I do understand, or at least I think I understand, that we want it all to be in one file, with 4 separate tables.

Does anyone have any suggestions to get me started, or maybe can you direct me to another post that might have the same effect?

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Hi Ted,

Here's the basic outline for combining tables in FM8.

1. Decide which file will become the one file you're going to use. This will probably be the one with the most complex scripting and layouts. Then using FM8 Advanced in the Define Database (Tables) dialog, you can import each table from the other files into this file.

2. Redefine the source tables of those that were referring to external files to point to the internal copy.

3. Create a layout with the same name as the original for each external file's layouts (don't worry about putting anything on the layouts just yet.)

4. Copy and paste each value list from the external files to the internal equivelant, making sure to use the same names.

5. Import the scripts from the external files. Most references should get set to the proper field & layout, but you can check the error log for problems.

6. For each layout, copy and paste the layout contents from the external file to the internal equivelant. Buttons that reference scripts should link up correctly, and value lists should link up.

7. Test everything, and fix problems.

8. Optimize things to take advantage of FM8.

Some people find it easier to just re-create most of the solution by hand, and copy and paste those elements from the old solutions as needed.

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This topic is 5735 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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