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Conditional Value lists and repeating fields


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I have set up two files, "Items" and "Invoices". My Items file has a list of all the items we sell by category. I have a conditional value list set up in my Invoices file so that after I select a category from a pop-up menu only the items in that category show up for the next field's pop-up window. This works fine for the first row.

In the invoices file I have the category, item, qty., unit price, and ext. amount fields set up as repeating fields (8 rows). After entering an item in the first row, the second row always shows the value list from the category selected for the first row, and not the category I have selected for the second thru eighth rows.

This is my first experience with FMP, so I am not very familiar with the program, and I haven't been able to find any answers in the User's guide. Does anyone have any suggestions? crazy.gif" border="0

FMP 5.0 on PC

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Dont' use repeating fields! You have found one of the may limitations of the breed. Instead, setup a "Line Items" file related to invoices by say Invoice Number. Enter your invoice line items using a portal to this file (each line items is a separate record in the Line Items file). Print your invoice from the Line Items file displaying related information (customer name, address, etc) from the Invoice file as needed.


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This topic is 8394 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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