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Long Value Lists (from a field)


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OK, I have a growing value list that derives from the current entries in a field.

The problem...is that the list has grown so large that the pop-up menu is larger than the available area on the monitor.

I know I need some sort of heirarchical pop-up menu - preferable which has "a-f" ; "g-n" etc so that users can quickly get to the entry they need.

Can anyone reference me to a URL that explains how to set up such a heirarchical pop-up menu?

I have FMP 5.

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First of all, your values need to be stored as separate records in some FM file. You will need two fields to create a hierarchial value list, we'll call them "Category" and "Value" in the FM file "MyValues". In your "master" file create a global field "gCategory" and build a relationship between:

gCategory (master file) <----> Category (MyValues file)

and call it "VLRelation"

The value list in the master file will be defined as "use values from field" "only related values" based upon the "VLRelation" relationship and pointing to the field "Value".


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Thanks LiveOak, I will try this today...

Now am I correct that with this scheme, the value list will not "update itself" when someone adds a new items.

What I have is a list of vendors of services that's already pretty long. Every time someone adds a new project, they may ...

a) Pick vendors from the list that already exists

: Pick some of the vendors from the existing list, and also add new ones

c) Add only new vendors to the list.

...so I think that what you suggest will work for the first option but not for the second and third?

I have been using the 'other' option for this value list so far.

Anyway I'll experiment with what you suggest - thanks for taking the time to outline it to me.

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This topic is 8358 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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