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Just Checking - Importing into clones


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Hey All,

I have a bunch of converted dbs from FMP5, now in FMP8. I am going through them all and fixing all my scripts and fields and such. When I'm done, I plan to reconvert our still used FMP5 files again to FMP8.. save my fixed FMP8 versions as clones, and import all the data from the fresh converts into the clones. I have about 35 heavily related databases with all kinds of calculation-based joins and such.

I tested this casually, but I just want to make sure. Provided I make no real changes to fields (no new ones, no changes to field types) and import fieldname-fieldname, the import of the updated data *should* go pretty smoothly, right?

Are there any major WHUPS I should be looking for?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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Hi Rob,

You're going through the right steps to convert your files. A couple things to remember:

* Try not to change field names in the FM8 solution until after everything is running in FM8.

* Keep a log of any changes that are done in the old system so you can make the same changes in the new system (this is important if the old system is still being used, because changes seem to always come up.)

* Test Find and Report processes that may run on unstored calcs. Finds on unstored calcs don't work with FM Server 8v2 and clients of versions FM8v1 and FM7. So if using FM Server 8v2, update your clients to 8v2.

* Test everything else too. In my multi-user, multi-printer environment, we had trouble getting FileMaker to use the default printer if the user had changed it after FileMaker had opened. Turns out, FileMaker 7/8 won't recognize the change unless the Print Dialog is opened.

The imports themselves should go fine, but the import order is not necessarily set when you first go into it. But as long as the names are the same, you can match by field name. Don't use the option to update lookups and serial numbers on import. After importing, you should reset the Next Serial value on any auto-entered serials. If possible, use a fast machine for the final conversion--it helps the import process go faster.

When I finished my conversion this past winter, I used a big checklist to keep track of all things that needed to be done for each file during that final conversion (I'm usually not this organized, but these checklists really do help when you're doing repetitive tasks like this.) My checklist included things like Clone, Import, Update Serials, Save As Compressed.

Anyway, good luck!

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Oh, updating serials, huh? wow.. never thought of that. I wonder if that's what's causing some of the oddities I'm seeing in my "fix it up" conversion set that aren't in my "raw data" conversion set. man.. that's a PITA, do you have any idea how many serial fields I have??? lol.. ah well, thanks a lot for the tip.

Man, being able to search for particular field definitions and for script steps sure would speed this up. It's ok though, as long as the data import idea isn't totally ridiculous, I have all the time I need to get everything fixed before the final "fresh data" import and deployment.

I will most definitely make sure all users and server are the same version. only 3 users for now so not so bad there. and I'm definitely putting a moratorium on myself as far as altering either set in any significant (non-fix) ways. The LAST thing I need is more potential issues to troubleshoot and while I have an endless list of improvements and additions I want to make, it's all functional now and will just have to stay as-is until the conversion is complete. Though, I am getting a little antsy :

My new G5 BLAZES through the conversions though.. I've been very happy and impressed there :o No more than 5-10 minutes for a straight conversion. The only slow part is all the files opening with bad file references after conversion heheh...

Thanks so much for the advice Ender!

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Man, being able to search for particular field definitions and for script steps sure would speed this up.

I achieve this by printing all scripts to PDF (Mac OS) and then search the pdf file.

Also making a DDR (Advanced) produces a searchable html.

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This topic is 5701 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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