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Container Field Size and Image Dimensions

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I am wondering if there are any "rules" that one might use with container fields and stored images. Is there a relationship between the dimensions of the stored image and the dimensions of the displayed field with the image. This is on OS X 10.4.6 in FM8A.

The client wishes to have the layout BODY change color based on a parameter. So I create a calculated container field that derives value from the rep# of a repeating global container field. I screen-snap some color blocks into _gImage and the value in _cImage changes based on the parameter. I place _cImage on the BODY part and make it exactly the same size as BODY. I would expect that BODY, when viewed in BROWSE, will be exsactly covered by _cImage. It's not so I fiddle with GRAPHIC FORMAT - crop, enlarge, reduce, retain proportions etc.

What if ther actual image is smaller then the field? or larger? or the same size? Results are spotty.

I have now fiddled so much with varying results I thought I'd query the forum to see if some kind guru has posted a "Guide To Displaying Container Graphics".

Here's hoping!

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Hi wonfuji,

In the container field's Graphic Format options, you can set it to 'Reduce or Enlarge'. This will make it streach to fit into the container field. Attached is a demo of layouts made with container graphics.

You'll notice there is an annoying one-pixel border around the outside edge. This seems to be an issue in both FM7 and FM8. I haven't seen any way around this, but you could deal with it by turning it into a drop shadow effect with the addition of a couple dark lines to to cover up, say the bottom and right edges.


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This topic is 5958 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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